Praia da Vitoria, Portugal

Praia da Vitoria, Portugal

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Praia da Vitoria Portugal

Praia da Vitória (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpɾajɐ ðɐ viˈtɔɾiɐ]), translated as the Beach of the Victory, is a municipality in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. With a population of 21,035 (in 2011), the second largest administrative authority on the island of Terceira, it covers an area of 161.27 square kilometres (62.27 sq mi), that extends from the northern coast halfway into the interior.
Recommended airport
Lajes (TER)
Nearby destinations
  • Azores a 44.22 km
  • Terceira Island, Azores a 13.83 km
  • Lajes a 5.35 km