Monchique, Portugal

Monchique, Portugal

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Monchique Portugal

Monchique (Portuguese pronunciation: [mõˈʃik(ɨ)]) is a municipality of southern Portugal, in Faro District (province of Algarve). The population in 2011 was 6,045, in an area of 395.30 km2. The Municipality of Monchique is situated in the Serra de Monchique and together with the town of Monchique is a tourist destination. Attractions include a historic town centre, views from the two peaks of Foia and Picota, hiking, bird watching and biking. There are hot sulfur springs, with baths and health spas 6 kilometres (4 mi) south in 'Caldas de Monchique' (Spring of Monchique). Eucalyptus, cork oak, oranges, lemons, honey, olive oil, chestnuts, scissor chairs made from chestnut wood, black pork and black pork ham and sausages are the chief products. There are several small industries producing tourist artifacts that are sold in local shops, and medronho, a local brew made from distilled medronho berries (Arbutus/Strawberry Tree), is produced.
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Faro (FAO)
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