Ílhavo, Portugal

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Ílhavo Portugal

Ílhavo is a municipality located at the Centre of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 38,598,[1] in an area of 73.48 km².[2] The municipality of Ílhavo includes four parishes and two cities: Gafanha da Nazaré (about 15,000 inhabitants) and Ílhavo (around 17,000 residents with Gafanha Da Aquém). Within the municipality, there are two villages that are popular in the summertime: Praia ("beach") da Barra, where the tallest lighthouse in Portugal (Farol de Aveiro ou da Barra) is situated and Praia da Costa Nova (Costa Nova do Prado), with its typical houses called Palheiros (they are characterized by façades in wood or concrete, decorated with lively and cheerful colors in alternation with white) and the fish market.
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