Curral das Freiras, Portugal

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Curral das Freiras Portugal

The Curral das Freiras is a stunning natural depression in the mountainous interior of Madeira that was the sanctuary and hiding place of a convent of nuns during a particularly unpleasant pirate raid. Visitors to the area will quickly understand why this was such an ideal location to wait out an attack, the region is almost completely hidden from the outside with steep mountains on all sides and in the 16th century was virtually inaccessible. Today, the view over the cauldron shaped depression is regarded as one of the most spectacular views of Madeira and this is on an island with many stunning view points. Curral das Freiras makes for an enjoyable excursion from Funchal and offers great hikes, stunning views and a charming little town selling chestnut cakes!
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Madeira (FNC)
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