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Santander Espanha

Santander is an elegant port city which extends along the northern side of the handsome Bahía de Santander and it's a lively place with much to see and do. It is a deeply historical place full of wide streets, pleasing architecture and waterside restaurants. Santander’s most popular neighbourhood, El Sardinero, was once a very exclusive holiday spot for the wealthy. Nowadays it preserves a belle-époque elegance and its one of the most beautiful parts of the city, especially valued for its environmental quality and spectacular beaches. The Paseo de Pereda, with its typical houses with enclosed balconies, and its gardens constitutes a buoyant boulevard which separates the coastal strip from the historic quarter of Santander. The nearby Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the capital, its earliest construction dating from the 13th century. Under the main chapel is the crypt of El Cristo, a sombre vaulted chamber in which various traces of the Roman era were discovered. There are lots of reasons to like the bustling port city as its good city beaches, its numerous parks and gardens, its gastronomy and its history makes it the perfect gateway.
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Santander (SDR)
Points of interest
  • Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Magdalena's Palace
  • Piquio's Garden
Nearby destinations
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  • Los Corrales de Buelna a 30,68 km
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