Ilha das Flores, Portugal

Ilha das Flores, Portugal

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Ilha das Flores Portugal

Flores Island is an island of the Western group of the Azores. The island of Flores has deep valleys and high peaks, lagoons bordered by hydrangeas, cliffs carved by grottoes, hot springs and the remains of old volcanoes. MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS - The Rocha dos Bordões. Solidification of basalt into vertical fluting. - Aguas Quentes, Small hot springs of boiling sulfurous water. - The seven lakes in the central part of the island are a magnificent landscape, especially Lagoa Funda. - The Waterfall of Ribeira Grande at Fajazinha. - The Groto de Enxareus. - The Bay of Alagoa . A group of islets and peninsulas. - Fajazinha. A characteristic village by the sea.
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Flores (FLW)
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