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Almeria Espanha

Almeria is a fairly modern city and port in the east of Andalucía. The city is dominated by the Alcazaba, built in the 11th century when Almeria was an independent kingdom, and one of the most commercially active and wealthiest districts in Spain. The city of Almeria is also a gateway for the natural reserve of Cabo de Gata, a volcano area with virgin beaches and isolated coves. The Alcazaba on the hill dominates the city and is the most important monument in Almería. The citadel once housed a palace and immense gardens. Little remains of the original Alcazaba, but the walls and towers have been beautifully reconstructed and are adorned with beautiful gardens, ornamented ponds and fountains which evoke the Muslim past of the place. The Alcazaba is entered through a watchtower that leads to the Puerta de la Justicia via some paved steps lined with a fine array of flora. From there, visitors will enjoy fantastic views over the city. Another point of interest is the city’s fortified cathedral, which was built in the 16th century. The Cathedral is located in the heart of the old part of the city and its architecture is a combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Almeria is a beautiful, chilled out city that mixes shopping centres and tapas bars with a medieval old town of narrow streets and tranquil squares.
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Almeria (LEI)
Points of interest
  • Museum of the Guitar
  • Family Park
  • Shelters of the Civil War of Almeria
Nearby destinations
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